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Everything to Build, Decorate and
Furnish your dollhouse in 1:12 scale
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Brown Leather Trunk BED-A

Silver Handles, Leather Straps Material Lined

Black Leather Suitcases BED-A

Set of 3 with silver trims

Brown Wood Trunk BED-A


Brown Wood Trunk- Medium BED-A


Mahogany Blanket Box BED-A

with carving

Walnut Blanket Box BED-A

with carving

White Blanket Box BED-A


Oakwood Blanket Box BED-A


Dressing Table Stool BED-A

White Padded Seat Mahogany Cabriole Legs

Victorian Stool- Dressing Table BED-A


Ruby Jewellery Set BED-A

On Stands Necklace, Earings & Bracelet

White Wooden Jewel Box BED-A

Assorted Jewellery

Pewter Bed Warmer BED-A

Opens with engraving

Gold Bed Warmer BED-A

Opens with engraving

White Wire Screen BED-A

3 Panel

Mahogany Folding Screen BED-A

4 Panels & gold hinges

White Folding Screen BED-A

3 Panels & gold hinges

Gold Mens Valet BED-A


Stone Hot Water Bottle BED-A


Hot Water Bottle BED-A


Blue Floral Chamber Pot BED-A


Perfume Atomiser BED-A


Tray of Perfume Bottles- 4 BED-A

(23 items) 1 page