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Everything to Build, Decorate and
Furnish your dollhouse in 1:12 scale
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Screw in Candle Bulbs LE-EF

4 x Spare Bulbs

Chandelier Bulbs LE-EF

Packet of 4

Coloured Wheat Bulbs Sockets LE-EF

Four Colours Blue, Green, Red, Orange

Pea Bulbs LE-EF

Pack of 2

1.5 Amp Fuses LE-EF

Four x 1.5 Amp x 12 volt

Extention Cord with Socket LE-EF

Set of 4

Male Plugs LE-EF

Set of 6

Double Powerboard LE-EF

For 3 plugs

Power Board x 12 Plugs- Plug In LE-EF

Plugs into Transformer

Electricial Wire 25 Ft LE-EF


Pilot Hole Punch LE-EF

with needles

2 Conductor Tape Wire (Tape System) LE-EF

15 Foot Roll

Circuit Tester Probe(Tape System) LE-EF


Outlet Cover (Tape System) LE-EF


Junction Splice Extender(Tape System) LE-EF


Bridging Cord (Tape System) LE-EF

For Junction Splice

CirKit Plug (Tape System) LE-EF


Hollow Tube Plug (Tape System) LE-EF


Lead-In Wire with Switch (Tape System)


Transformer 1 Amp LE-EF

Power upto 20 Bulbs Plugs Into 12plug Power Board Australian Approved

Transformer 2 Amp LE-EF

Power upto 60 Bulbs Plugs Into 12plug Power Board Australian Approved

Battery Light Tester- 3 Plug LE-EF

Attaches to 9v battery (Battery NOT Included)

Bulb Extractor Tool LE-EF

For Unscrewing Bulbs when replacing
(23 items) 1 page