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Everything to Build, Decorate and
Furnish your dollhouse in 1:12 scale
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Red Check Floral Armchair LR-A

Pleated Skirt

Green Check Floral Armchair LR-A


White Armchair LR-A

Cabriole Legs

Knitted Stripe Wingback Chair LR-A

Cream, Brown Stripe Wing Chair

Black Chesterfield Chair LR-A

Wood Trim

Lilac Floral Stripe Wingback Chair LR-A


Queen Ann Armchair LR-A

Pastel Stripe Material White Wood, Cabriole Legs

Red Check Floral Sofa LR-SCC


Green Check Floral Sofa LR-SCC


Lilac Floral Stripe Sofa LR-SCC

2 Seater

Black Chesterfield Couch LR-SCC

Walnut Legs & Trim

Beige Tie Back Sofa LR-SCC

Tie Back Tassle Corners, 2 Seater Sofa, 2 Cushions

White Couch LR-SCC

Cabriole Legs

Fainting Couch LR-SCC

White Material Padding Mahogany Trim

Victorian Wicker Chaise LR-SCC

(15 items) 1 page