Tom Thumbs
Miniature Emporium
Tom Thumbs
Miniature Emporium
Tom Thumbs
Miniature Emporium

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Tom Thumbs Miniature Emporium

Everything to Build, Decorate and Furnish your dollhouse in 1:12 scale
Phone: 61 3 97364422
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FRIDAY 10am To 3pm
SATURDAY 10am To 1pm
(Other days & times by appointment)

Enter McKillop Rd from Monbulk Road, Mt Evelyn. Travel approx 3km-
Entry is on the left side of the road just before the bend.

Do not follow the property numbers.. as they are confusing!
Welcome to Tom Thumbs Miniature Emporium doll house and miniature furniture business.
As you open the miniature front entrance double
door and head into the living room, you will find a miniature lounge suite, sitting in front of an elegant miniature fireplace, complimented with a miniature ornate mantle clock.
The room is decorated with dollhouse accessories.
As you continue your journey across the hall to the miniature sitting room and in the corner is a bay reading window.
Further around the hall is the dining room decorated with
a miniature dining table and 6 chairs. Along the wall is
the miniature sideboard filled with a pretty china dinner set.
There is a miniature punch set on the buffet table along
with a fully laden tea trolley with loads of miniture cakes
and a miniature tea set.
All is ready for the guests to arrive.
Dollhouse Miniatures
dollhouse miniatures Continuing along the hall and up the stairs, you journey into the master bedroom, where you will find clothing laid out for the lady and gentleman of the house to take an evening out. The fire is lit and with miniature reading material and knitting supplies at the ready. Down in the kitchen food has been eaten and dishes are to be done before the family leaves for the evening. On the table is the miniature food and dining accessories, around the room is the display cabinets that show of all the miniature nick knacks.
Back up the stairs to the miniature nursery, in this miniature doll house room is a miniature cot and cradle, adorning the floors and walls are the miniature nursery accessories, and of course there is the miniature bed for the bigger sister or brother, with their miniature wardrobe to put all their clothes in.
Along the hallway is the bathroom with its noble bath and toilet all in miniature.
On the other side you come across the miniature sewing room which is hidden in the turret of the house, you enter through the attic bedroom. The sewing room is in ready for the daughters' wedding.
miniature dollhouses
Miniature Dollhouses Dollhouse Miniatures Miniature Furniture Miniature Accessories
Outside is the miniature garden where you will find a world of miniature plants and flowers and outside doll house outdoor furniture.
doll house miniatures Doll house miniatures
So please look at our miniature doll house furniture and on-line store and place an order with us.
And don't forget to visit our store at 23 McKillop Road, Mount Evelyn for your dollhouse miniature goods.
OPEN- Friday 10am - 3pm & Saturday 10am - 1pm

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